How Much Does it Cost to Build a WordPress Website Blog

I get this question all the time, mostly from the new bloggers.

“I am planning to launch my blog using WordPress, But how much will it cost to build a WordPress blog or website.”

When you are planning to launch your online business, then your website is your foundation. So there is no way you can go wrong with it.

Your WordPress website cost is your first and most important investment and there is no limit on how much you can invest in it. But surely we can calculate an average cost for developing a WordPress website with which you can start your business.

What factors define cost of creating a website

There are five factors on which your investment on website or WordPress blog will depend.

1- Platform
2- Domain Registration
3- Hosting
4- Theme / Design
5- Plugins and add-ons

Lets take a close look on each of them.

1- Platform


Platform or content management system is one of the basic requirement to build your website and it’s very important to make a right choice for your website or business.

There are various options available to choose the one for your website / Blog, Like:

1- WordPress
2- Joomla
3- Wix
4- Square Space
5- Tumblr

and the list can go on.

But out of all these options, WordPress is the only platform which allows you to take everything in your control and allows you to customize every single bit of code and design.

Above all, its free to use and got the largest community of plugins and themes to take you website to next level.

So, WordPress is always first choice for creating a blog.

2- Domain Registration


Your domain name represents your online identity and it’s probably your first investment while creating your blog. It’s like buying a unique name for your blog by which people can recognize you and your work.

It’s highly recommended you choose a .com domain or in any case, your desired domain name is not available on .com then only go for .net or .org domains.

The domain name should represent you or the brand you wish to create with your blog but that’s not the only thing if you are not getting your desired name.

People will remember any domain name if they can remember your work. So concentrate more on what you will be doing with the blog instead of just wasting time on getting the perfect name for it.

If you are just starting up then getting a domain name for free will be a great idea. Isn’t it?

Checkout Bluehost for there free domain offer with cheapest hosting plans.

3- Hosting


Once you finalize the domain name then comes the most crucial part i.e. Hosting. The reputation of your new online business is very much is in hands of hosting company you choose.

So, cheap is not an option here. You need to take a smart decision to go with what suits best for your requirement.

As mentioned above if you are just starting up Bluehost hosting could be your smart choice to get the hosting part done and with free domain name which will save you around 10-12 USD.

Free Domain Name

 Most of the hosting companies now provide one click WordPress installation included in the plan so that also saves around 80-100USD set up cost.

 4- Theme / Design


Once you are ready with your setup of WordPress blog, next important thing is to set up a theme or design the look and feel of your WordPress blog.

Thanks to the great community of WordPress, there are a lot of themes available at free of cost that you can start with.

I think you can easily make a workable blog by just using a free theme available from, But still if you need something more from your WordPress blog theme you can surely try the amazing community of They have some cool looking WordPress themes and the cost is super low.

cheap wordpress themes

5- Plugins and adons


The best thing about using WordPress for your blog is the availability of free plugins.

No matter what task or functionality you wish to add on to your blog there is always a plugin available to save your time.

There are around 50,706 plugins available on that can add desired functionality to your WordPress website without writing a single line of code.

But as you are just starting up with your WordPress blog I would recommend using free plugins as much as possible.

So how much is the total cost

Considering we will use freely available resources as much as possible is the price breakdown for your first WordPress blog.

Economic Price

Domain: FREE = $0 (If Bluehost )
Hosting: $45-$60 per year
Theme / Design  = FREE
Plugins /Adons: FREE

Premium Price

Domain = $10-$12
Hosting with wordpress : $45-$60 per year
Theme / Design  = $60(from
Plugins /Adons: $100-$200 (for various functionalities)


If you are starting up, cost saving is always your first priority. But it doesn’t mean you should compromise on functionality. Using an open source platform like WordPress allows you to run your blog at almost free of cost.

Once you feel to expand your blog you can always use the premium plugins and themes available to add new features.

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