Today I will show you the best and proper way to link your Facebook page to your Instagram account.

When we say linking Facebook account to Instagram or Linking Instagram to Facebook page there are two ways for this:

1- When you link Facebook page account from Instagram and allow your Instagram posts to appear on Facebook page as well.

2- When you link your Instagram account from your Facebook page to manage ads and comments.

Both type of linking are entirely different from each other and you need to do both of them separately to link both of your social account properly.


So lets see how each of them is done, Step by Step.

1- Linking Facebook page account from Instagram

When link your Facebook page from  your Instagram mobile app, you are actually just allowing Instagram to share your Instagram post on Facebook as well.

You can link your personal profile or any Facebook business page where you wish to share your Instagram posts.

This is the best way to save time and post on two different account by posting from just one ie Instagram.

Here is how its done:

1- Open your Instagram account on Instagram mobile app and go to settings from the top right dots icon (Instagram ).


2- Scroll down to the options "Settings" and click on "Linked Accounts"


3- From the list of Social account tap on the "Facebook" option and you will see a blue color tick mark appears to confirm that its linked.

Note: If you are not logged in you will be prompted by the Facebook App to login in your Facebook account.


But wait, We need to configure this option to link the correct Facebook page if you have more than one or your own Facebook profile, (which gets selected by default).


To configure that you need to tap on the "Facebook" option again and it will open up more options.

From there select your desired Facebook Business page that you wish to link with the Instagram account. Or in other worlds on which page your Instagram images will appear as posts.


So from now on what ever you post on Instagram will automatically be posted on Facebook business page or your Facebook profile (whatever you choose) as well.

The best part is that, its not just Facebook you can link. You can link your Twitter, Tumblr and various other accounts as well. So that will surely save a lot of time while posting on any of these accounts.

Now here is the second way of linking the two accounts.

2- Linking Instagram account from Facebook page.

When Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion dollar then they must be upto something big. I think there are two reasons for this.

1 - Instagram is all about sharing photos and at that time Facebook was also more concentrated on image sharing, so they knew that Instagram will be a big competitor very soon.

2- To get more data for mobile ads: As Instagram is all on mobile app and image sharing, so that was a gold mine for advertising Facebook ads to wider mobile users with no extra effort.

And that's the best part of connecting Instagram account from Facebook page. You not only be able to advertise your Facebook posts to Instagram users, You can now manage all your Instagram post comments right from the Facebook inbox.

Here is how you link your Instagram from Facebook page.

1- Go to Settings on the top right corner of your Facebook page and then scroll down to "Instagram ads"  from the left menu.


2- Click on "Add an account" button on the right panel.


3- Then just fill in your Instagram account details and you are done.


So now with this you will be able to showcase your Facebook ads to Instagram users as well by using your linked Instagram account and also you can now manage any comments on your Instagram post right from the Facebook Inbox.


Facebook and Instagram are the two most powerful social media websites today. So I am sure as a business owner you don't want to miss out to have profiles on both the website and linking them together to get the best out of it.

Let me know your views in the comments section below.

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