Today I am going to show you how I generated 1k+ unique visitors to my e-commerce website without paying anything on ads.

And it's all by just doing one simple technique.


Building an e-commerce website is not a big task these days.

All you have to do is just choose the right platform for your e-commerce website.

But the real challenge is to get traffic to your newly created e-commerce store.

You don't have a big following, no budget and no SEO to get traffic.

So what you can do to promote and get traffic to your e-commerce store.

Let me share you one secret tip that used on my e-commerce store as well as on some client's websites as well and it worked every time and no matter what product you are selling.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step -1: Create a blog for your e-commerce website.

Most of the e-commerce website owners feel lazy about the idea of having a blog in the e-commerce store. They think they already have so many products to sell so why I need a blog.

Well, the answer is, You surely need to have a blog if you are running an e-commerce website.

Because your product and category pages are all sales pages, but your blog will be all about how to use those products and how people can use in daily life.

This will add a great value to get new visitors to your e-commerce website.

Step -2: Select top 10 influencers related to your product category.

No, we are not sending them free samples.

For this, all you need to do is select 10 top influencers from Instagram / Facebook.

Now here is the main part. 

You need to select only those influencers whose followers are your target audience and they are active on both Instagram and Facebook.

Step -3: Choose a topic for your roundup blog post.

Once you finalize the top 10 influencers. Create a blog post featuring all those top influencers and their work.

eg: If your top influencers are food bloggers than you can write a roundup post like -


Make sure you write something unique about each influencer or their work so that they can notice that you have observed the account closely or following them for a long time.

Step -4: Ask for an introduction to feature on your blog. 

This is very important. Once your blog post is ready.

Contact each influencer individually and ask for a small introduction.

This was my email script and I got a positive reply from each influencer within 48 hrs.



Step -5: Create a small video of this post.

This is the main highlight and unique part.

Once you are ready with all the content and introductions by the influencers make sure you create a video post as well.

This will help you double the impact of your blog post.

here is the example of the post that we created.



Step -6: share this post and tag the influences.

Once you are all set just upload the video to your Facebook business page and embed it in the blog post as well.

Note: You may post the video on youtube as well but Facebook will give you way much better result because Facebook videos are much shareable than youtube.

once you upload the video on Facebook, make sure you tag the influencers as well so that they get notified. This is the power of Facebook, which is not available on youtube.

Don't forget to add the link to the blog post so that you can drive the traffic to your website.


Step -7: Add lead magnets to your blog post.

This is the sole purpose of this method. Once you get visitors to your website, you need to make sure you capture their email ID by any mean, this will help you to re-target the for future marketing.

Also, make sure you place ad banners of your targeted products on this blog post so that you can drive traffic to your product pages.


Bonus Tip: If you use Facebook to upload your video then you can also tag a product that will be visible in the video itself so that will also help you get traffic directly to our product pages.


Conclusion : 

To help you nail this process I have created a checklist to make sure all the steps are covered properly.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

Download Checklist

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