If you planning to start a WordPres blog, We are here to help you setup your blog for


So that you can start your blog with the best configuration and without any hassle.

If you are planning to launch your WordPress Blog then installing and setting up a blog could be a big challenge for you if you are not a Geek.

But, not any more. 

You can now get your WordPress blog setup at FREE of cost so that you can start your blogging journey without any hassle.

What all you need to set up for your Blog


We will install the WordPress self-hosted edition on your hosting server.


We will optimize your blog to make it SEO friendly.

Theme Design

We will guide you to select the best theme for your blog.


We will add security plugins to help you protect your blog from hackers.

Why all this for FREE? What’s the catch?

Actually there is no catch. We created to help Bloggers, Startups and Entrepreneurs to simplify the online world for them.

We have seen various Startups / bloggers failing just due to the lack of technical know how.

So with this blog we are trying our bit to help those guys.

How can I get my blog setup for FREE?

To help you setup your blog you need to get 2 things.


Your blog web address where people can find your content. eg: is our domain name. Its a unique name and defines your online brand identity.


This is required to host your files and data. Its like a storage area for all your blog content.

Now to start your blog you anyway need to purchase these two things as an initial investment. When you do this purchase from our recommended  web hosting partners, we get a small share as a commission.

This will not cost anything extra to you, in fact you will get some extra discount. But it will help us maintain our business model so that we can provide more helpful content to aspiring bloggers out there.

These are not just any hosting partners. They are the top players in the field and most of them are recommended by itself.

So this way you get your blog setup and launched at free of cost and we get paid when you purchase the hosting and domain.

It’s a fair win win deal for both of us, Isn’t it.

Now to get started. Please fill the form below so that our team and get in touch with you to setup your blog.