Facebook covers are always one of the most amazing features to gain visitor's attention on your page.

If you have a Facebook page for your business or a personal page, then getting a perfect Facebook cover for your page is your first step to make your page appealing and attractive for your audience or customers.

During the last few years, we have seen a lot of changes in the way Facebook cover section looks to make it more usable and attractive.

We have recently seen how to use videos as Facebook covers, which is a mind blowing feature to use if you have a business page and trying to feature your services/products on your page.

Now Facebook is testing another feature on the Facebook cover section and that is, the ability to add text on your Facebook cover photos.

Yes, you heard it right?

You can now add text to your Facebook cover photos. Again, this is still in early stages of testing and very limited pages got access to this feature.

But it's confirmed soon all of us will have this feature to add text to your Facebook covers.

This is how it looks


This is from the Facebook page of Melyssa Griffin


This is from the Facebook page of Moar_Cookies

How to add text on Facebook Cover Photos

If you get access to this feature, this is how it is done.

Step -1: Click on the Edit button on the bottom right corner.


Step -2: You will then see a text box where you can enter a catchy text, But it has to be under 100 characters.


Step -3: Once you are done just click on the Tick mark to save it and it's done.


I am not sure how this new feature will be helpful or benefit page Facebook page users but I am sure I am not going to use it on my page because This looks odd and not attention grabbing for sure.

But if Facebook can make it as a part of Facebook SEO then this could be a big thing. But it's not clear as of now.

This is what Facebook has to say about it.

"We're always working to make Pages more valuable for people and businesses alike. We recently started testing several cover area designs and enhancements to help businesses feature key information more prominently."

Also, what I can see is that if you have already filled in the "description" section of your page, then it will automatically transfer that text to the Facebook cover text.

This feature is only applicable to the Facebook pages with cover photos, not on those who are using videos as Facebook cover


Facebook is trying a lot of new things on Facebook pages but this one for using text on the Facebook cover is not very appealing to me.

I think we need to give it some time and let's see how this turns out as far as Facebook marketing is concerned.

Let me know in the comments below if you got access to this feature and what you think about it and don't forget to share this post to spread the news.

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