How To Change WordPress Admin Login URL For WordPress Security

Being famous is not easy, right! We can clearly relate that to WordPress.

After all, its everyone’s first choice for build a blog or building a professional website with no coding required.

Well this fame actually make it favorite among hackers well and the most common type of hacking WordPress websites get is brute force attack.

In which a hacker simply uses applications and scripts to guess you WordPress password by trying multiple login attempts using various possible combinations of WordPress username and password.

But what makes it so easy for the hackers to do that?

Well, the reason is if a website is build using WordPress than admin url will always be and that makes it so easy for hackers to start trying the brute force attack.

But there is a way we can fix that. If we can change the WordPress login url we can prevent any kind of brute force attack or any unwanted admin login hacks.

Hackers are a bit lazy in nature and the scripts they use to guess your password first need to land on the login form of WordPress admin.

So, If we can mange to change the WordPress admin url then the hacker first need to guess your admin url and then the username and password.

But they are not going to waste time in doing so because they know there are millions of other websites that are more vulnerable to hack in.

So How to change WordPress Admin Login Url

Thank God there are plugins available to do the job because if we do it manually it will take so much of work,

Trust me I tried the manual coding way and that was one hell of a serious job.

The best plugin available to change the WordPress login Url is –

WPS Hide Login : This is a one simple plugin who’s only job is to change WordPress admin login url.

Pretty straight forward. All you have to do is just goto — ‘Plugins‘ — ‘Add new’ and then search for ‘WPS hide login


After that goto — ‘Settings‘ — ‘General‘ and scroll to the bottom of the page.


you will find an option to add new admin url for your WordPress website.

That’s it. You now have new and unique admin url for your website.

Note: Please make sure you take a backup of your website and database before trying this plugin.

Just to make it more secure you can always change this url any number of time so that you can have a new url every time, just like you update your password for your WordPress admin to have a better security.


There are some more plugins that I have not included in this post because they are either outdated or just performing a redirect to a new page which is of no use.

I really hope one day WordPress will include this as a default feature to make a custom Admin url every time we install a new WordPress website so that we don’t have to depend on any plugin as its a very serious security concern.

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