Best WordPress Hosting – Which One is Worth in [2017]

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When you are creating an online business, then hosting is one very crucial thing that you cannot take lightly.

The hosting company you choose can actually make or break you online business.

So, out of so many hosting providers, which one is actually good for you. For your businesses as well as for your pocket.

After deciding WordPress as content management system for your website your next hurdle is choosing a best WordPress hosting provider.

You might be thinking – “I have paid so much money to get super fast servers, so my website should perform really fast.”

Well!! my friend, you are wrong.

No matter what hosting company you choose you can still screw up your website site speed if you do not maintain it properly. An expensive / cheap hosting plan is not responsible for your bad coding and bad website optimization techniques.


So, I strongly believe you shall not make a decision by just reading some loadtest or speed test done with a demo website as most of the online review does.

Let me tell you what I have experienced after working with almost all the famous hosting companies in the last 8-9 years. I am sure by this you will be able to make best decision for your new startup or a client website that you might be working on.

Out of all hosting companies I have used, I personally like :


I will explain you which one you should choose and why.

But first lets understand,

What makes a hosting company, the best hosting company.

I think it depends on 3 things:

1- How easy and fast is to operate the FTP and back panel.
2- How good they are in the time when you need them the most – During the down time.
3- How cost effective they are.

You might find it a little strange but trust me, if someone have these 3 things then they are the best wordpress hosting company for your business.

Let me help you understand each point.

1- How easy and fast is to operate the FTP and back panel.


After purchasing any hosting plan, first thing you you need to do is upload you files and code so that your website can go LIVE. Also you will be doing lot of backs ups, code updates and file transfer depending upon your daily need.

If your hosting file manager is not fast enough to transfer files quickly, you will end up frustrated every day.

The situation becomes worse when you need to take a backup. I used to take full website back up once in atleast 10-15 days and I always prefer manual way to take a back up as it is the safest way. But if your File manager or FTP is not fast enough you will have to invest a lot of time in taking the back up of your website.

So you definitely need a hosting provider who can allow a super fast file transfer.

2- How good they are in the time when you need them the most.


No matter how cheap or expensive hosting company you might be using. There are times when your website will go down for some or the other reason. There are times when your website might get malware attacks. This is the time when you will came to know the real worth your WordPress hosting company.

In this scenario there are two types of service you will get :

(a) One who says your website is attacked by malware or hacked and they will take your website down with no explanation what so ever. Even if they do something they charge you like crazy.

(b) Others are those who will scan your website and give you a report of infected files and then take the website down so that you have an option to fix the things yourself or use paid services.

so its a big factor to check how you hosting company responds during the time of emergencies and the times when you need them the most.

3- How cost effective they are.


I am sure as a startup a cost effective WordPresshosting plan is your first priority. But trust me, when you choose a hosting company. You get what you pay for.

Never ever choose a hosting company just because they are offing something on lowest price or something free.

Cost effectiveness is never equal to cheap. It’s about what you offer at what cost.

I keep the cost on the lowest priority when I choose a hosing company. And the reason is simple.

If you just go with the cheapest plan you will suffer life long and if you choose a plan as per your requirement you can concentrate on your business instead of struggling with the hosting provider every other day.

As simple as that.

So what is good for me?

From my best three choices of WordPress hosting sites let help you choose the right one for you.

1 – 

If you are a shop owner, or someone who is going to use web hosting just to create a website for your offline business so that people may know that, ok you also have a website as well, That’s it. If once build you are rarely going to update or upload anything then only use Godaddy.

You can choose the single website hosting and go with that or if you have more than one websites but they all are not going to be updated frequently.

The reason is that the back panel they provide is not so user friendly and the FTP speed can go slow anytime. So hosting a website which need regular updates and lot of media files is surely not an option here.

I started my first ever hosting with Godaddy and soon I have to shift it, just because the back panel is not so user friendly and FTP goes slow anytime

As a designer and developer I simply can’t take non-user friendly interfaces and can’t invest time on slow FTP file transfers.

So go for GoDaddy if you have very limited use of website / hosting.


After Godaddy, Hostgator was my next choice and I used them for the longest period of time, probably around 3 years. They have a really fast FTP to transfer files as well as the file manager in the Cpanel.

I hosted around 10-12 websites using various platforms like WordPress, Jhoomla and an eCommerce using Magneto and they all worked smooth on one single shared multi-domain hosting plan.

Also the customer support was moderate. They do answer queries on phone, email and chat. Waiting time on call / chat was always around 3-4 mins and around 24 hrs on email.

Now comes the time when things are not so good  and when I switched from Hostgator.

The problem with hostgator was, they do not provide much of resources for a shared hosting plan. By resources I mean bandwidth and CPU RAM. They say its unlimited, but its never.

Infact, for any hosting provider, if they say bandwidth is unlimited, its not practical. They do have a very short and limited resources for you on a shared hosting plan.

When one of my website started gaining traffic they just went out of bandwidth and all of the hosted websites goes down. By traffic I mean approx 700-800 visitors daily.

So, If you are a startup with limited budget for your hosting and your website need regular updates like an eCommerce website then you can surely start with They won’t disappoint you.

But as soon as you grow you might need to switch.

Note: If you are in India use and if you are outside India then use this will help you get better support and get nearest server location for better website performance.

3- SiteGround 

When Hostgator was not able to handle my website traffic then I got a suggestion from one of my friend to try SiteGround.

Site… what?  That was my first reaction. They are not very known hosting company. Even they now got listed on WordPress recommended hosting providers.

check here:

But still they play under the radar and never shout for the outstanding service they provide.

So I thought to give it a try. Its was much expensive than hostgator but as I said before. Cost comes last what they offer comes first.

They might be a little costly as compared to others but its all worth it.

Right now all my websites are hosted on Siteground and I think I am not going to change or upgrade it very soon.

Above all the technical support you get from Siteground is unbelievable.

It never took me more than 1 min to connect someone on chat, no matter if its during working hour or off hours and never more than 4 mins to get a reply on email for my support tickets.

The features in Cpanel like ‘Super Cache‘, ‘free website scan‘ on demand for malware is something I have never seen before.

So, If you are a startup or a mid-level company and need a reliable hosting company that can stand by you eveytime, when you need them. Then there is only one name,


For online business you cannot go wrong with hosting. So,

# If you have a very limited use of website then go with Godaddy.

# If you are doing a lot with your wordpress website and just starting up and need some cost effective solution then Hostgator is your best choice.

# But if you can invest a little more on hosting which is actually the back bone for your online business so I highly recommend to go for SiteGround as your WorldPress hosting provider. They are doing some extra ordinary job in hosting.

wordpress Web Hosting

Let me know what hosting you guys are using in the comments below and if you are happy with that.

If you think there is someone, who is looking for a hosting solution. Then do share this post so that they can make a better decision.

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